10 Modern American Classics for Learning English with Movies

Do you like movies?

Who doesn’t, right?

Well, here’s a hack for you. (A “hack” is a “trick” or “shortcut”).

How about learning English with movies and films?

Why Learn English with Movies and Films?

Watching movies in English is an awesome way of improving your English – especially your English speaking and listening skills.

If you’re tired of books and learning difficult grammar and vocabulary, then take a break and watch some classic Hollywood movies. And of course, improve your English at the same time.

  • So, if your teachers, friends or family members ask why you’re watching so many movies instead of reading over your notes you can simply tell them:Movies aren’t usually made for English language learners like yourself. Instead they are made for English speakers. So everything you hear is exactly how it is in reality. It’s fast paced, with realistic native accents.
  • Movies are fun. Watching a movie is a great way to jump into English when you’re too tired to do anything else (like reading).

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