My trip tip – Dublin – Ireland

It’s a city full of life! Don’t matter the weather (tons of people complain about it hahaha) but I loved!!

First Take the double-decker sightseeing bus to find out where would you like to spend your days, then Check out the “secret” Dubh Linn gardens where many locals go to have lunch. This is where Dublin gets its name; Dubh Linn meaning Dark Lake. These are located just behind the Dublin Castle, which you can wander around for free. Like most castles, you’ll have to pay to go inside (I didn’t due to budgeting, but will when I go back). Learn to pour the perfect pint of Guinness. To save money, go to the Guinness Storehouse right before it closes and uses those free pints as a little pre-game for your night out. After an afternoon nap, the tour bus took us to the Storehouse. Next a tour through the factory learning about hops and other beer-related terms, we went to the rooftop at Gravity Bar for a free pint and an amazing view. After learning to put the perfect shamrock in the foam of your beer, head to Temple bar, the main area for nightlife, food, and entertainment. Do some shopping! Near St. Stephen’s Green (the tour bus goes here) is a large mall. Or get some very Irish-looking tweed at Kevin & Howlin. The Loft Market has loads of new designers as well as vintage pieces of jewelry and clothing. Also, the last Sunday of every month is a flea market. And Get out of Dublin! There are so many little coastal towns you can take the train to for a day trip. Glendalough is very popular, but we chose Howth, a small fishing town.

Hope you enjoy! I was there just for 2 days and I spent a whole week! 🙂

Love Dublin!

In Dublin – 48 hours

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