Business English Collocations

Business English collocations are commonly used combinations of words used when speaking about business in English. Collocations can be understood as words that usually go together. For example, in English we do business not make business. The business English collocation “do business” is a collocation that can make all the difference if you are trying to do business around the world. When decisions concern a lot of money, you can imagine it’s important to get the phrase right!

Here are common business English collocations with verbs used in various business situations:

We use do and make with common business operations:


do the accounts Mary does the accounts in bookkeeping.
business We do business with countries around the world.
a deal  We did a deal with them last year.
due diligence Let’s do due diligence before we begin the project.
paperwork First we have to do the paperwork.
research Let’s do some research on the subject.


an appointment I made an appointment for a meeting next week.

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