How to Learn English from 15 Common Language Mistakes

Now you’ve done it.

You made an English mistake, and you’re feeling so embarrassed!

Your face feels hot and you’d like to disappear.

You’d like to catch the next airplane to your home country.

That’s okay. Embarrassment is universal, and everyone makes mistakeswhen learning a new language. Often, when you’re learning a new language, embarrassment occurs as the result of a spoken or written error.

But you need to make mistakes in order to learn better!

Why You Should Learn About Common English Mistakes

Have you ever made a mistake while speaking in English? Perhaps you have had some awkward English language situations.

For example, after English class you want to give your teacher a compliment, so you say, “You teach English good.”

It took quite a bit of courage to speak with your teacher directly.

She says, “You think I teach English well? Thank you!” Ah, you forgot that you should not use “good” to describe a verb. Instead you should use “well” to describe a verb. English is so tricky. Instead of feeling pride in your attempt to speak—which is what you should always feel—you begin to feel ashamed of your grammatical mistake.

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