English is a fascinating and complex language. Learning it can be a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it has to drag on or be impossible. There are lots of easy ways you can change your English practice to speed up the learning process and make it more engaging too.

Try out these top tips and you’ll find you absorb new knowledge and vocabulary faster, your spoken word skills will improve and you’ll feel more confident communicating with native English speakers.

Start quizzing

Anyone learning English can find the process uninspiring at times, especially if you’re learning the same way every day. Studying endless vocabulary lists and grammar rules isn’t the only way to learn a language. Introducing fast and fun English language quizzes to your studies can help keep you motivated.

EF English Live has created a range of fun quizzes to help test your knowledge as you learn. You’ll get to know detailed phrases for all kinds of situations, find out where your English skills need improvement and which areas of your learning you’re performing well at.

Speaking to a native speaker

There’s no faster way to learn English than to speak it every day. Being able to speak regularly with a native English speaker will help speed up your learning immediately. You can find native English speaking students and teachers online who will be happy to help. You can meet up regularly for sessions where you talk only in English, be it online or offline. Whether it’s an English-speaking friend, relative, fellow student or teacher, they’ll be able to:

●        Point out mistakes

●        Help you recognise areas in which you need to improve

●        Encourage you in your learning, keep you motivated

●        Teach you new words and phrases

●        Speed up your conversational English learning

●        Boost your confidence in speaking English

●        Help you instantly improve your pronunciation skills

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