Vocab for SHOPPING + Credit Card

Hello. Do you need help with your listening skills in English? I think you may do. Today, I’m going to teach you how to improve your listening skills. But it’s going to be fun because you’re going to do it when you go shopping. Who likes shopping? Good. Okay. Shopping. Wow, I’m so excited.

So you’re going to go shopping. You’re going to improve your listening skills, and — three in one today. It’s on sale — you’re going to learn how to understand all those native speakers. So crazy. Don’t understand.

So this is actually a points card for movies. If you like to go to the movies, you can get a Scene card. And if you spend lots of money in the movie theater, you can watch a movie for free.

The first thing that the person’s going to do is they’re going to give you a machine, or a machine will be at the checkout or the cash register. Oh, hi, machine. The very, very first thing that the machine will say — it will say, “Swipe or insert”. These are verbs. The first verb, “swipe” — what you have to do is you have to take the black strip — and “swipe” means to quickly push it through or pull it through a machine. So you’re going to be, like — you can make this noise if you want.


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