36 Phrasal Verbs Vol. 1 | Learn British English

✔ 36 Phrasal Verbs Vol 1
To help you to make this new vocabulary part of your active vocabulary, I have put together a collection of the first 36 phrasal verbs videos. Repetition is the only way to memorise new vocabulary.
This collection contains the following phrasal verbs: Account For, Blow Up, Bowl Over, Chicken Out, Come Up With, Do Without, Embark On, Faff About, Fall Out, Fish For, Fob Off On, Grow on, Hang On, Head Off, Insist On, Jot Down, Knock Over, Limber Up, Look After, Make Out, Move In, Nod Off, Opt For, Perk Up, Put Together, Queue Up, Rub Off On, Skive Off, Squirrel Away, Take Off, Take Up, Use Up, Vouch For, Wake Up, Yearn For, Zip Around


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