How to Say 100 Words in British English Vol 1 | British Pronunciation | Learn English

✔ How to say 100 words in British English. Important repetition to help make the vocabulary part of your active vocabulary.

✔ Volume 1:
01:00 Abstract, Ache, Acquaintance, Adjacent, Ambidextrous, Archive, Awkward
05:00 Ballet, Balmy, Biscuit, Buoy
07:07 Callipygian, Category, Caught, Chasm, Chocolate, Choir, Chord, Circuit, Clerk, Clothes, Coax, Colleague, Consume, Cousin, Creature
15:45 Debris, Deracinate, Dwarf
17:08 Epitome, Exit, Exquisite
18:54 Facade, Feign, Flocculent, Fracas
21:04 Gaol, Gauge
21:54 Headache, Height, Hygiene, Hyperbole
24:14 Irrational, Island
25:15 Jeopardy
25:42 Khaki, Knead, Knee
27:20 Lettuce, Librarian, Library, Lightning
29:30 Mayor, Murmur
29:53 Nauseating
31:15 Onomatopoeia
32:08 Paranoia, Particularly, Pear, Perseverance, Phenomenon, Plague, Preferences, Preparatory, Pronunciation
37:23 Quay, Queue, Quiet, Quit, Quite
39:31 Rarely, Realm, Reflection, Regularly, Relish, Rhinoceros, Rhythm
44:00 Salmon, Scissors, Slither, Spontaneity, Squirrel, Stomach, Subsidiary, Suede, Surprise, Sword, Syncope
50:14 Thames, Though, Tongue, Triskaidekaphobia
52:22 Undulating, Victualler, Water, Wednesday, Wood
55:14 Xenophobia, Yacht, Zebra
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✔ How to say 100 words in British English – Volume 1.
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