Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

  1. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy your job or not as long as it’s a well-paid job.
  2. Self-employment is more stimulating than working for a large organisation.
  3. Modern communication practices are essential to the success of a company today:
    teleconferencing, video conferences, social networking, etc.
  4. Innovation is different from invention.
  5. In the future all companies will be internet companies.
  6. Anyone who has contact with a customer is a salesperson – and that includes the person who answers the phone!
  7. Small companies can adapt more quickly to changes in the market place than big companies.
  8. Companies become more efficient as they grow in size.
  9. More time is wasted during meetings than during any other business activity.
  10. It is impossible to have a successful career and a happy family life.
    You have to choose one or the other.
  11. It is impossible for young people to find a (good) job today without help from someone.
  12. A successful salesperson knows the strengths and weaknesses of competing products.
  13. The internet is already an essential communication tool in today’s world.
    It will be even further developed for business in the future.
  14. Small companies cannot offer employees opportunities for promotion.
  15. There is more creativity in multinational companies than in small firms.
  16. Qualifications are more important today than ever before.

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