Carly’s Family – Reading Exercise

Carly has a large family. She lives with four people. Carly also has two pets. Carly’s mom is a doctor. Carly’s mom works at the hospital. Carly’s mom helps people who are sick. Carly’s dad works at home. Carly’s dad cooks for the family. Carly’s dad drives the kids to soccer practice. Carly has two brothers. James is ten years old. Scott is fourteen years old. Carly has two pets. Jinx is a small, black cat. Diego is a large, brown dog. Carly loves her family.


1) How many people are in Carly’s family? A. four B. five C. six

2) Carly’s mom works at the A. restaurant B. mall C. hospital

3) This passage is mostly about Carly’s A. family B. pets C. soccer team

4) Which of the following is most likely true? A. Carly’s mom coaches the soccer team. B. James is the best soccer player in the family. C. Jinx and Diego are part of Carly’s family.

5) The oldest brother in Carly’s family is A. James B. Scott C. Diego


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