How to pronounce better?

Here it is a good vid and tips! Go ahead and practise:

Everyone knows that using English is the only way to really improve your pronunciation. But what if you can’t practice with a native speaker every day? Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to stretch your vocal chords.

  1. Listen to yourself. If you can’t hear your pronunciation problems, it’s tough to correct them. Try recording your speech on a tape and comparing it with a native speaker’s.

  2. Slow down! Many English learners say that speaking too quickly reinforces their bad habits. Practice a few basics each day. Start with single sounds, then move on to words, and finally, string several words together.

  3. Picture it… Close your eyes and think about how to make a sound before saying it. Visualize the positioning of your mouth and face.

  4. Get physical! Pronunciation is a physical skill. You’re teaching your mouth a new way to move and using different muscles. Focus on difficult sounds each day. Having trouble with ‘th’? Put your tongue between your teeth (don’t bite down) and blow air out of your mouth. Feel the air move over the top of your tongue.

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