Podcast – this is the way to listening better!!!

You spend more time in school listening than doing any other activity. It is important that you understand most of what you hear, so that you can learn about your different subjects and at the same time improve your English. In order for you to become a better listener, look first at the following list. It contains many of the things that can make it hard for you to understand what you hear:

  • the speaker talks too quickly
  • the speaker talks too softly
  • two or more people are speaking at the same time
  • there is background noise
  • there are other distractions
  • the speaker or the topic is boring
  • you are not concentrating on what the speaker is saying
  • there are no pictures or charts to look at while listening
  • you have no idea about the topic
  • the speaker uses many new or difficult words
  • the speaker’s sentences are long and complex

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