Top tips for learning English online

But there is one problem: you haven’t been at school for a very long time and you have possibly never attended an online school before.

Don’t worry; to get you started, here are some great tips to help you learn English online.

1. Speak English every day

You need to look at and use English every day in order to properly learn the language. Even if you only have five minutes, do a quick task on your course, watch an English video, or even talk to yourself in English about your day and what you have planned for tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are being exposed to English and using it.

2. Set aside a certain time to study

This time can be every day at 18:00 or three days a week at 21:00. But whatever you decide on, always study at the same time and don’t do anything else but study. Mix things up between doing your course work and attending group lessons.




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