List of Common Prepositions

There are several hundred prepositions in the English language, all of which are used to show the relationship between ideas. One good way to remember prepositions is to think about anywhere a mouse can run. A mouse can run up, over, down, under, to and from. Those are all prepositions. While this rule doesn’t catch every preposition, it certainly can help you identify quite a few of them.

The following list of 75 prepositions can also help you to understand exactly where a preposition is, how to find them and just why they are so important.

  1. Aboard: Can’t climb aboard without a preposition
  2. About: Can’t make much ado about nothing without about
  3. Above: Can’t go above and beyond the call of duty without the preposition above
  4. Absent: Can’t be absent from school either!
  5. According to: How could you site a source without ‘according to?’
  6. Across: Guess you can’t sit across from anyone at Thanksgiving dinner
  7. After: No more after-parties without the word after
  8. Against: You’ll have to agree to everything if you can’t vote against things
  9. Ahead of: No one will ever again be ahead of their time without the preposition ahead.
  10. Along: You need along to signify that you are going along for the side

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