ROBOTS AT WORK – IELTS Sample Material

Would you like to check a sample training? Now it’s time to check out IELTS General Training reading. 🙂

The newspaper production process has come a long
way from the old days when the paper was written,
edited, typeset and ultimately printed in one building
with the journalists working on the upper floors and
the printing presses going on the ground floor. These
days the editor, subeditors and journalists who put the
paper together are likely to find themselves in a
totally different building or maybe even in a different
city. This is the situation which now prevails in
Sydney. The daily paper is compiled at the editorial
headquarters, known as the prepress centre, in the
heart of the city, but printed far away in the suburbs at
the printing centre. Here human beings are in the
minority as much of the work is done by automated
machines controlled by computers.

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