Las Vegas Words & Expressions

Are you going to Visit Las Vegas? So, Pay attention about these common Expressions around there and enjoy!!

Sin City: Sin City is the slang term for Las Vegas. Given the current advertising campaign “Whatever happens in Vegas Stays i…
Strip, The: The “tourist trap” section of Las Vegas Boulevard. About 4 miles of sheer sensory overload lined with huge theme ho…
Tourist Corrider, The: A local reference to “The Strip”, the section of Las Vegas Boulevard where all the big theme hotels are located.
Glitter Gulch: Refers to the “historic” downtown area of Vegas around the Fremont Street area.
Naked City: bordered by Industrial on the West, Las Vegas Blvd (the strip) on the East, Wyoming on the North, and Sahara on the…
Las Vegas Buffets: Las Vegas is famous for promoting excess, and this is clearly reflected in the preponderance of elaborate buffets. …
Swim-Up Blackjack: Only in Vegas-just like regular blackjack, except there’s a much greater chance of your money getting waterlogged (…
Lost Wages: Nickname for the city of Las Vegas.
Paris, The: One of the large theme hotels on the strip, this one modeled to look like its European namesake.
Excalibur, The: A large theme hotel on the strip, this one reminiscent of King Arthur and Camelot lore.

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