London Life 1 – Exploring London

London Life – a new series about what it is like to live in London and a look at some of the many exciting things that are happening there. In this week’s programme, Jackie Dalton goes on a tour of some of the lesser known attractions of London, including some special little green huts and a statue in honour of the man who helped London’s human waste problems!

a tour guide
someone who shows people interesting places and explains their history

people who live in London

to start from scratch
to start from the very beginning

cab drivers
taxi drivers

listed buildings
historically important buildings which are officially protected so they can’t be changed

a monument
a statue or building built to honour someone or something

pipes that carry human waste

a bust
a model of a head, shoulders and chest

he was knighted
he was honoured by being given the special title ‘Sir’

Don’t forget to check your comprehension with the quiz.



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