Some interesting vocabulary about Nutrition

Nutrition Vocabulary Word List (167)

A)Addictive, Additives, Alcohol, Aliment, All-purpose, Ambrosia, Antipasto, Appearance, Appetite, Appetizer, Aroma, Aspartame, Assimilate

B)Balance, Batch, Behavior, Benefit, Bitter, Bouquet, Brine

C)Calcium, Calories, Carbohydrate, Cereals, Chef, Choices, Circulation, Comestible, Concentrate, Condiments, Consumption, Cordon bleu, Crisp, Cuisine, Culinary, Curative

D)Decadent, Delicatessen, Diet, Dietary, Digestion, Discipline, Distraction, Diverse, Drinking, Drugs

E)Edamame, Edible, Efficacy, Energy, Enhance, Exemplary, ExtractF)Ferment, Fermentation, Fine foods, Flavor, Fragrant

G)Garnish, Gastronomy, Genuine, Gourmet, Grains, Growth, Gulp

H)Habit, Health, Healthy, Herbs, Homemade, Hors d’oeuvres, Hum-drum, Hungry, Hygiene, Hygienic

I)Improvement, Ingest, Ingredient, Inhale, Integrate, IronJ)Jargon, Judge


L)Lifestyle, Liquids, Lo-cal

M)Marinade, Masticate, Maximize, Mélange, Measure, Menu, Mixture, Moisture, Monitor, Motivate

N)Nurture, Nutrient, Nutrition

O)Obesity, Odoriferous, Olfactory, Opportunity, Opt, Organic, Overeat, Overweight



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