7 out of 10 Paulistanos Believe Protests do More Harm than Good

With drivers and cashiers of the city’s buses now on strike, the attitude of São Paulo residents towards protest in general seems to be changing.

For every 10 residents, 7 believe that protests do more harm than good, whether for themselves as individuals (69%) or for society in general (73%).

These are high figures. No previous survey has reflected such a critical view. However, a slim majority (52%) is still in favor of the protests.

The figures are from a Datafolha survey carried out in São Paulo yesterday, the first day of the bus drivers’ strike. The strike has caused widespread disruption to the city’s transport system.

Given the sample size, the latest results make for interesting comparison with two surveys in 2013: one in June, shortly after the explosion of protests that swept Brazil, and another in September.

On both previous occasions, popular support for the protests was much higher. In June, 89% were in favor, while in September the figure stood at 74%.

However, there are some important differences between last June’s protests that those that began on Tuesday.

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