Present Continuous – Grammar Tip


We use the present continuous to talk about something which is happening at the time of speaking. Usamos o Present Continuous para falar sobre algo que esta acontecendo no momento da fala:

David is driving to work ( he is in his car now ) • Other uses (outros usos)

1 – To talk about a temporary action that is not necessarily happening at the time of speaking. Para falar sobre uma ação temporaria que não esta necessariamente acontecendo no momento da fala:

David is taking an English course this semester They are building a new hospital near the park

2 – An action programmed in the future (uma ação programada no futuro) We are going to New York next week David is meeting Jennifer tomorrow night

3 – An action that is repeated frequently (uma ação repetida frequentemente)

My neighbor is always playing music in a loud sound She is often buying new clothes

NOTE : Some verbs are not normally used in the Progressive forms altough we can do it. They , in general , indicate a state or a condition . Here are some of them : Alguns verbos não são normalmente usados na forma continua embora possamos faze-lo. Eles em geral indicam um estado ou condição. Aqui estão alguns deles:

Agree ( concordar ) Hate ( odiar )

Believe ( acreditar ) Have ( ter )

Belong ( pertencer ) Hear ( ouvir )

Disagree ( discordar ) Hope ( esperar )

Forget ( esquecer ) Know ( saber )

Like ( gostar ) See ( ver )

Love ( amar ) Seem ( parecer )

Need ( precisar ) Smell ( cheirar )

Prefer ( preferir ) Think ( pensar )

Remember ( lembrar ) Understand ( compreender )




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