We use the simple present to talk about things in general . We are not thinking only about the present . We use it to say that something happens all the time or repeatedly , or that something is true in general . It is not important whether the action is happening at the time of speaking :

Usamos o Simple Present para falar de coisas em geral. Não estamos pensando somente no presente. Usamos para dizer que algo acontece o tempo todo ou repetidamente. Não é importante se a ação esta acontecendo no momento da fala:

Examples :

The earth goes round the sun

Nurses look after patients in hospitals

In Britain most of the shops close at 5.30 PM

Remember that we say He , She , It with S . Don’ t forget the “S ”

Lembre-se que dizemos He,She,IT com “S”. Não esqueça do “S”

I work in a bank – He work

s in a bank

•We make the negative adding DON ‘T or DOESN ‘T before the main verb

Fazemos o negativo adicionando DON’T ou DOESN’T (para He,She,It) antes do verbo.

• We make the interrogative adding DO / DOES before the subject

Fazemos o interrogativo adicionando DO/DOES antes do sujeito.

Examples :

Affirmative : They work in a bank He works in a bank

Negative : They don’t work in a bank He doesn’t work in a bank

Interrogative :Do they work in a bank ? Does he work in a bank ?

Inter. negative: Don ‘ t they work in a bank ? Doesn’ t he work in a bank



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