The icing on the cake

I love all expressions that I read at BBC!!!

Today’s Phrase

You use the expression the icing on the cake to refer to something good which is added to an already good thing or situation.


It is great to see my team in the final. And now I’ve got tickets to watch the match in the stadium – this is the icing on the cake!

Mary’s salary will double with her promotion. All the foreign travel and luxury hotels she’ll be staying in are the icing on the cake.


Take note

Don’t confuse with a piece of cake. If you say something is a piece of cake, you mean it is easy to do.


I am very good at maths. The final exam will be a piece of cake.

Interesting fact

The traditional fruit cake served at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding reception to 300 people was made up of 17 individual cakes, eight tiers high, decorated with around 900 sugar-paste flowers.


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