Useful English phrases for taxi drivers and passangers

Phrases for Taking a Taxi

Dialogues in taxi

Mike: City centre please.
Taxi Driver: Where abouts? Near the town hall?
Mike: Near the Kiev hotel please.
Taxi Driver: Ok
Taxi Driver: This is the Kiev Hotel. That will be Hr.40. please.
(Mike gives the taxi driver money)
Taxi Driver: Thank you, here’s your change.
Mike: Thank you.

Useful taxi phrases

Can you take me to … please?
  • the city = the city please
  • the Hilton Hotel
  • Kreschatick Street
  • the Pinchuck art gallery
  • the central bus station
  • St. Catherine’s church
  • such and such cinema
  • such and such hotel
  • the main library
  • such and such museum
  • the park
  • a petrol station, service station, gas station
  • such and such restaurant
  • shopping centre
  • Independence square
  • the opera
  • the train station, railway station

Other useful Phrases


  • Welcome to the city. Where to?
  • To the Dnipro Hotel.
  • Right away. What brings you to the city?
  • I’m here on business, but I hope to have some time for sightseeing, too.
  • You should be sure to see the big festival on Kruschetick Street this week.
  • Okay, thanks for the tip. Are there any other things I should do while I’m here?
  • Don’t miss the new art exhibit at the Central Museum. I’ve heard it’s very good.
  • Thanks, that’s a big help.
  • Here we are, the DniproHotel. The fare is Hr. 45.
  • Here’s Hr. 50. Keep the change.
  • Thanks! I hope you have an enjoyable stay here.

If you are somewhere and need a taxi.

Do you know where I can get a taxi?
Do you have a taxi number?

Ordering a taxi

I’d like a taxi, please.
Sorry, there are none available at the moment.

Where are you? What is the address?
I’m at a Pizza restaurant on № ….. Sahaidachnogo str.
I am at the train station.
I am at the corner of Vladimirskaya and Sophiska Streets.

Could I take your name please.
Could I take your phone number please?

Where would you like to go?
Artema street number 54.

How long will I have to wait?
You will have a taxi in 15 minutes.

How much will it cost?
It will cost exactly Hr.43.
How will I recognize it?
It will be a blue Skoda.

In the taxi

How long will the journey take?
Do you mind if I open the window?
Do you mind if I close the window?
Do you mind if I smoke?
Are we almost there?
How much is it?
Have you got anything smaller?
That’s fine, keep the change.
Would you like a receipt?
Could I have a receipt, please?
Could you pick me up at 6 p.m.?
Could you wait for me here please?


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