Learning an Authentic American Accent and Getting a High Paying Job

One of the top reasons that people learn English is so that they can get a better job and a higher paying job.

It’s obvious that having a good vocabulary, good Email writing skills, and general communication skills would be of great help in any international workplace, but what about having an American Accent?  Is it important?

The truth is that it is important.  No boss will say that if your accent improves, then you will make more money, but this is an indirect and subtle truth.  If people think you sound like an American, they will naturally trust you more, consider you more international, and more competent in business.  It will also make it seem that your English is better than it is, even if all you are doing is learning to make it sound closer to that of a typical American.

Many adults fear they can’t improve their accent.  There are many accent reduction courses on the market and many don’t work.

Do you agree with it?



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