Phrasal Verbs using Do

 do up– make something look good. Melissa did up her makeup before she went to the dance.

do (something) over– do again. You didn’t get a good grade on the homework assignment. You need to do it over.

do (someone) in– kill someone (real or imaginary). The robbers tried to steal my money and then do me in.

do (someone) good– be good for someone. I know you don’t want to learn Latin, but it will do you good in the future.

do without (something)– live without something. We didn’t bring enough money to the store so we are going to have to do without the snacks.

do away with– stop having something. The school is going to do away with uniforms. Nobody likes them.

do well for (oneself)– become successful. Danny has really done well for himself. He owns 5 restaurants.

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