Beginner Dialogue: Work, Work, Work!


In this dialogue you will practice speaking about what’s going on at work around the present moment in time. Notice that the present simple is used to speak about daily routines, and thepresent continuous is used to speak about what is happening around the current moment in time. Practice the dialogue with your partner and then interview each other focusing on changing between a discussion of daily routines and what you are currently working on. Teachers can use this guide on how to teach the present continuous for further activities contrasting the present simple with the present continuous.

Work, Work, Work

(two friends working / studying)

Harry: What are you working on?
Susan: Oh, I’m just studying for history class.

Harry: I hate history.
Susan: I don’t. It’s interesting. I’m reading about the Romans.

Harry: Do you mean the people from Romania?
Susan: No, stupid. The Romans as in ‘Julius Cesar’. You know, people from ancient Rome.

Harry: Oh, those Romans…
Susan: You are hopeless. So, what are you doing?

Harry: I’m preparing for a meeting tomorrow.
Susan: When’s the meeting?

Harry: I’m driving into London tomorrow morning. The meeting is scheduled for 10 o’clock.
Susan: …and what are you preparing?

Harry: I’m giving a presentation on the new account.
Susan: Which new account?

Harry: Well, we’re working on a new account in Southern England this week.
Susan: Work, work, work. That’s all you ever do!

Harry: Come on, that’s not true. I like reading books, too.
Susan: Oh, really? Which book are you reading at the moment?

Harry: Well, as a matter of fact, I’m reading ‘Football in England: The Very Best’.
Susan: Football? That’s not reading!


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