Dublin Slang Dictionary – B

Word / Phrase use Meaning
Babby n. Small child, baby
Babby Power n. Small bottle of Powers Irish Whiskey
Back adj. West
Backdoor trot n. Diarrhoea
Bad dose n Tough illness
Bag of shite adj. / n. Something not at all good
Bags, make a n. Mess; do something incompetently or inadequately [see hames]
Balls / ballsed n. & adj. [1] Testicles [2] Mess, mistake, disaster
Balls of malt n. Whiskey
Bamboozle vb. Deceive, outwit
Banantee n. Housewife
Banger n Old non-vintage car
Banjax vb. Ruin, injure, smash, destroy
Banjaxed adj. Broken, ruined; can also mean tired.  “Bollocks! The car is banjaxed.”
Banshee n. Any female figure of menace
Banter vb. Discuss, rebuke, admonish, challenge
Bap n. Small bread roll
Barmbrack n. Rich fruit loaf, frequently abbreviated to ‘brack’
Barney n. & vb. Mind, head as in don’t bother your barney. Also, vb. chat

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