Backlog Analysis: unlearn typical English mistakes


Isn’t it frustrating: it is always the same mistakes that prevent you from getting that better mark in your English tests. How can you unlearn those mistakes?

Don’t try too much at a time. Instead, concentrate on just one typical mistake. Go through the explanations and exercises in your grammar reference or textbook. When reading English texts, look out for that specific grammar aspect.

Our backlog analysis contains 26 typical problems. We show you where on ego4u you’ll find relevant explanations, exercises and tips. Take the print out of our analysis and your last English test and consult your English teacher. Look through the test together and pick out one problem. Write down the category … and start unlearning that problem.

If you’ve unlearned the mistake by the next test, you can tackle the next problem.

What’s the problem?

Click on a topic to see all relevant explanations, exercises and tips, we have on ego4u.

[PDF] Print Version of our Backlog Analysis (PDF format) (60,33 KiB)

  1. Singular and Plural Form of Nouns
  2. Article

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