300 Basic English Sentences

More sentences to Learn English:

1 This is a book.
2 This is not a book.
3 Is this a book?
4 What is it?
5 That is a pencil.
6 That is not a pencil.
7 Is that a pencil?
8 What is that?
9 These are books.
10 These are not books.
11 Are these books?
12 What are these?
13 Those are pencils.
14 Those are not pencils.
15 Are those pencils?
16 What are those?
17 What is your address?
18 What’s your name?
19 What color is this?
20 What size is that?
21 What day is today?
22 Milk is good to drink.
23 Milk is good for you to drink.

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