At the restaurant – Regular Restaurant Ordering

When you sit down to eat at a restaurant remember to leave a tip. The average you should leave is 15 percent.

After you are seated, the first thing they ask is if you want something to drink.

Can I get you a drink?
Can I get a drink for you?
Would you like to order a drink now?
Can I get a drink started for you?
What would you like to drink?
I’ll take a coke.
I’ll have an orange juice.
Water will be fine.
Can I have a glass of water?

After they bring out your drinks, they will take your order. The reason they do this is because most people know what they want to drink, but want a few minutes to decide what to eat.

May I take your order?
What would you like to order?
Are you ready to order?
What would you like today?

If you need more time, you can simply say, “Can I have a couple more minutes?

When you are ready to order, just read off what you want.

I’ll take the Salisbury steak with hash browns.

Depending on what you order, they will have side options they will ask you about. Listen carefully to your choices and choose one. You should prepare yourself by reading the menu carefully. It should indicate what your options are.

Would you like toast, a muffin, or a cornbread?


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