Telephone Tips (Part 1)

An Amazing Podcast just in case you are afraid to answer the telephone 😉

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Hello and welcome back to the Skills 360 podcast. I’m Tim Simmons and I’m glad
you could join me. Today we’re going to take a look at an activity you do every
day: talking on the telephone.
Telephones don’t stay at the office anymore. We carry them around in our pockets.
We use them when we’re commuting, when we’re out for lunch, when we’re
working on the computer, and even when we’re supposed to be talking to someone
else face-to-face. They’re always on. And that means we have to be ‘on’ too. Being
‘on’ means having the right attitude.
The right attitude starts with promptness. When you hear that ring, don’t delay.
Grab it before the third ring so the caller knows he’s important. And when you
answer, be sure to smile. You might be thinking that a smile is unnecessary
because the other person can’t actually see you. But in this case, smiling is about
more than just turning up the corners of your mouth. Smiling is an attitude. It
means having a voice that is pleasant and enthusiastic. That voice helps create a
connection with the other person and open the door to good communication. And
keeping a smile on your voice is something you should do when you initiate the call
as well. It’s not just the job of the person receiving the call.

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